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Located in East Peoria, Amy's Place is a highly respected and well-known nail salon that has built a reputation for providing exceptional nail care services in a friendly and relaxing environment. The salon is home to a team of highly trained and skilled nail technicians who are dedicated to delivering superior finishes and top-notch customer service during every visit.

In addition to offering traditional manicures and pedicures, Amy's Place also boasts a range of premium nail treatments that allow customers to choose from natural-looking nails or something more bold and daring. No matter which option they choose, customers can trust that the salon's team of professionals will deliver the high-quality results that they expect from a top-tier salon.

But Amy's Place is more than just a place to get your nails done. It's a welcoming and inviting space where customers can come alone or with friends to relax, unwind, and enjoy an afternoon of pampering and self-care. The salon values customer satisfaction above all else and is always seeking feedback and suggestions to ensure that every visit is the best possible experience.

The safety and well-being of both customers and team members is a top priority at Amy's Place. To that end, the salon has implemented strict hygiene measures and protocols to ensure that every visit is a safe and clean experience. Team members are trained in the proper use of personal protective equipment, and all equipment and surfaces are regularly sanitized and disinfected to prevent the spread of contaminants.

Booking an appointment at Amy's Place is easy and convenient.You can call the salon at (309) 694-9260, or use the online booking system here: salon is located at 218 W Camp St, in East Peoria, and customers are welcome to stop by in person to meet the team and tour the facility before booking.

For more information about the services offered at Amy's Place, visit the salon's website at There, you'll find detailed descriptions of all the services available, as well as information about the salon's team of professionals and the high-quality products used in all treatments.If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, don't hesitate to contact the salon directly by calling (309) 694-9260.

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Nail Salon FAQs

  • How do I choose a nail salon?

    Selecting a nail salon is a combination of personal preferences and practical considerations. Look into factors like cleanliness, customer reviews, technician expertise, range of services, and salon ambiance. Recommendations from friends and family can be invaluable. Before committing, you might want to visit the salon in person to ensure you're comfortable with the environment.

  • What is the average price of a pedicure in East Peoria?

    Pedicure prices can vary based the prestige of the salon, and the intricacy of the service (e.g., basic vs. spa pedicure). On average, a pedicure in East Peoria might cost between $25 to $70. For exact pricing, it's best to refer to local nail salon menus or make direct inquiries.

  • What is the average price of a manicure in East Peoria?

    Manicure prices can differ based the salon's reputation, and the type of manicure (e.g., basic, gel, acrylic). Typically, in East Peoria, a manicure could range from $15 to $60. To get precise figures, consult specific nail salon menus or contact them directly.

  • What's the most popular service available at salons in East Peoria today?

    Traditional manicures and pedicures, gel polish, and nail art are consistently popular. Nail trends and popular services can change seasonally and can vary by region. However, for the latest trends in East Peoria, consult with local nail salons or follow regional beauty influencers.

  • How do I book an appointment for Amy's Place?

    You can call Amy's Place directly, or visit their website for more info on booking appointments.

  • What's the busiest time to visit Amy's Place?

    Weekends, particularly Saturday afternoons, are commonly busy times for many nail salons. Weekday evenings might also see increased traffic as clients come after work hours. To ensure you get your desired time slot, it's advised to book ahead. If you're seeking a calmer experience, you can always inquire about Amy's Place's less crowded times.


Amy's Place | Nail salon in East Peoria, IL (1)

Mason H.


My wife and I had an awful experience at this place. Workers were rude. Paid $40 for a 10min pedicure. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else.

Amy's Place | Nail salon in East Peoria, IL (2)

Lori P.


Within 4 days of a gel manicure, the polish was peeling off. The tech only applied 2 coats. The process was not like other salons that I go. Not worth the money. Also the overall experience was subpar at best. Tech (who I think was the owner) acted rude and seemed irritated the entire time I was there.

Amy's Place | Nail salon in East Peoria, IL (3)

Lanetta B.


While visiting from out of town I decided to stop in and get a pedi & fill in. The receptionist said that they were booked all day and not accepting walk-Ins. Trying to further assist, he decided to turn around and ask a few of the working nail technicians if by chance if either can take me soon as a walk in. After they looked at me they all giggled and said no.That was strangely odd and uncomfortable but felt intentional.It was clear to me at that moment that not ALL clients are welcomed at this shop.

Amy's Place | Nail salon in East Peoria, IL (4)

Murion B.


Rose make my nails look like a million bucks!!! I always get compliments on how they look from women and men. Even when it's been a few weeks between visits. My nails still look GREAT!!!

Amy's Place | Nail salon in East Peoria, IL (5)

Tina S.


This was by far the worst pedicure experience I've ever had. We made appointments the day before and they couldn't find them. Asked us several times who we booked with but no one asked us that or told us who we were with when we scheduled the appointments. When we finally got sat down, they were both in a terrible rush and sped through our pedicures. The lady who did mine was so rough, the entire thing hurt. The towels were scalding hot when she put them on my skin. She didn't understand when I told her it hurt. I was never so happy to be done with a pedicure in my life. My toenails look nice, which her only saving grace. I was so disappointed because I had been looking forward to some pampering all day, but instead I left feeling like I was beat up! There wasn't anyone waiting, so we are baffled as to why they were in such a rush. Even if they couldn't find out appointments, it still wasn't busy. I was going to say something to the lady who checked us out but she couldn't be bothered to get off the phone long enough to speak to us. I will definitely not be going back there again.

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