Barry Gibb Age, Net Worth, Family, Height, Wife (2024)

Barry Gibb is a well-known musician, record producer, performer, and composer from the United Kingdom. His full name is Sir Barry Alan Crompton Gibb. In the year 2022, Barry Gibb’s net worth was estimated to be 140 million dollars. His renditions of songs like “Stayin’ Alive” (1977) and “Too Much Heaven” (1978) brought him widespread fame (1979).

He has been honoured with a great deal of acclaim, including winning the Academy of Country Music Award for Single of the Year in 1984 and the Grammy Award for Best Vocal Arrangement in 1985. (1979).

At the age of nine, he and his brothers, Maurice and Robin, founded the band that would become known as “The Rattlesnakes.” He had a strong interest in music. Gibb sang, played the guitar, and also contributed to the songwriting process for the band. Other members of the band were his buddies Paul and Kenny.

The band began their career by playing covers of classics by artists such as Cliff Richards, Buddy Holly, and Paul Anka. After Kenny and Paul left the band, it was rechristened as “Bee Gees” to honour their legacy. This young gifted singer penned the most of the songs for the group “Bee Gees,” which eventually featured their younger brother Andy as a member, and the group produced success after hit after hit.

The band is famous for a number of songs, including “Let Me Love You,” “Staying Alive,” and “I Just Don’t Like to Be Alone,” amongst a great deal of other material. This performer has also sung on their own, in addition to producing music for other artists, including the well-known song “Guilty” by Barbra Streisand. In addition to that, you may have seen him in the movie “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts.”

Barry, the lone surviving member of the group known as the “Bee Gees,” is still active in the music industry and has worked with legendary musicians such as Michael Jackson and Kenny Rogers. Continue reading to learn more about his life as well as his works.

Barry Gibb Wiki

As of the year 2022, Barry Gibb will be 76 years old, having been born on September 1st, 1946. He came from a stable family that was originally from Douglas on the Isle of Man. He was born under the sign of the Virgo. He is a Christian by faith and a citizen of the United Kingdom. He possesses the British nationality.

Early on in his education, he attended and graduated from the local school in Douglas. After that, he enrolled in the Isle of Man’s Tynwald Street Infants School and Desmesne Road Boys School, both of which led to the completion of his education and graduation requirements.

Family & Wife

Hugh and Barbara Gibb are the proud parents of their son, Barry. Hugh Gibb, who is a drummer by trade, is Barry Gibb’s father. Barry’s middle name is also Hugh.

Barbara Gibb, who works as a housewife, was Barry Gibb’s mother and had the same name as her son.

He is the youngest of four children. Lesley Gibb is the name of this brother’s sister. Robin Gibb, Andy Gibb, and Maurice Gibb are all Barry Gibb’s brothers. Robin Gibb is a singer, Andy Gibb is a singer-songwriter, and Maurice Gibb is a musician. All three of Barry Gibb’s brothers are named Gibb.

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The status of Barry Gibb’s marital relationship is one of marriage. Maureen Bates is the name of his wife, but regrettably he is no longer married to her. Barry Gibb has entered a second marriage with Linda Gray. They are parents to five little ones. His four sons’ names are Steve Gibb, Michael Gibb, Travis Gibb, and Ashley Gibb respectively. Alexandra Gibb is the name of the man’s daughter.

Barry Gibb Career

Barry’s original compositions “(Underneath the) Starlight of Love” and “Let Me Love You” caught the attention of a radio DJ named Bill Gates in 1959 when they were playing at the “Redcliffe Speedway.” Bill was really taken with Barry’s songs, and he was very pleased with them.

After the skilled young musician decided to stop attending school, the trio began playing in various bars on the Gold Coast district of Surfer’s Paradise between the years 1961 and 1962. The next year, the family relocated to the city of Sydney in the country of Australia.

In 1963, the band known as the “Bee Gees” obtained a contract with the record label known as “Festival Records,” which then assigned them to the subsidiary label known as “Leedon.” The band made their first attempt at recording a song on a professional level and released it under this moniker. The song is titled “The Battle of the Blue and the Grey.”
Over the course of the following three years, a number of singers, such as Sandy Summers, Trevor Gordon, Anne Shelton, and Michelle Rae, released cover versions of songs originally performed by the band Bee Gees and written by the band’s lead vocalist.
Songs such as “One Road,” “I Just Don’t Like to Be Alone,” and “I Was a Lover, A Leader of Men” climbed to the top of the charts in Australia, breaking several records along the way. Before moving to England in 1967, the band continued to have success with songs such as “I Started a Joke,” “Playdown,” and “With the Sun in My Eyes,” amongst others. In 1967, the band relocated to England.
In the same year, recording artist Robert Stigwood took the members of the band known as the “Bee Gees” under his wing and managed their performances going forward. The band just welcomed Colin Petersen on drums and Vince Melouney on guitar as two of its newest members.
In addition to playing their own songs, they contributed backing vocals to Adam Faith’s version of Maurice and Robin’s lyrics for the song ‘Cowman, Milk Your Cow,’ which was performed by Adam Faith.
As part of the publicity tour they were doing in 1968 to promote their album “Horizontal,” they appeared on several television shows, including “The Smothers Brothers Show” and “The Ed Sullivan Show.” After Robin’s departure from the band the next year, Barry and Maurice were forced to record the song “Tomorrow Tomorrow” without his participation.
Terry Cox, who had previously been a member of the band but had just joined as a replacement for Peterson as the band’s drummer, The band recorded a total of twelve songs for the album titled “Odessa,” but only five of those songs were featured in the final product. By the time 1969 came to a close, the band had fully disintegrated, and Barry was left to concentrate on compositions under his own name.

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The excellent vocalist debuted in 1970 as a solo artist with the publication of a song named “I’ll Kiss Your Memory,” which was originally intended to be on an album called “The Kid’s No Good.” However, the album was never officially published, and the remaining tracks that belonged to it are still available as bootlegs today.
The same year, the ‘Bee Gees’ came back together and recorded songs like ‘Lonely Days’, ‘How Can You Mend a Broken Heart’, ‘Saw a New morning’, and ‘Life in a Tin Can’, in the days that followed.
Singles such as “Nights on Broadway,” “I Just Want to Be Your Everything,” and “Saturday Night Fever” were among many that the “Bee Gees” recorded between 1975 and 1980 under the direction of Arif Mardin, their new recording artist. This later song was performed by their brother Andy, who had just recently become a member of the band.
Additionally, the elder brother had a cameo appearance in the film “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” in the year 1978, playing the part of Mark Henderson.
In the 1980s, Barry Gibb was involved in the production of two albums that went on to achieve commercial success: his brother Andy’s record, titled “Andy Gibb’s Greatest Hits,” and an album by the singer Barbra Streisand titled “Guilty.”

Trivia & Unknown Facts

  • The band achieved widespread success with songs like “Stayin’ Alive” and “How Deep is Your Love.”
  • In 1955, he moved to Manchester and started his first band, which was called The Rattlesnakes; this band would later become known as The Bee Gees.
  • He shares the record for most consecutive Billboard Hot 100 Number Ones as a songwriter with fellow Beatles members John Lennon and Paul McCartney, with a total of six straight number ones.
  • He wed Maureen Bates on August 22, 1966, and the couple divorced in July 1970. On September 1, 1970, he wed Linda Ann Gray, whom he had previously been married to.
  • He is the father of five children: four boys who go by the names Steve, Ashley, Michael, and Travis, and one daughter who goes by the name Alexandra.
  • The Bee Gees composed the soundtrack for the hit 1977 film Saturday Night Fever, starring John Travolta.
Barry Gibb Age, Net Worth, Family, Height, Wife (2024)


Does Barry Gibb have any living siblings? ›

Barry's son Steve was also on stage as lead guitarist and sang a Maurice composition, "On Time". On 20 May 2012, Robin Gibb died, making Barry the sole surviving Gibb brother.

How much did Maurice Gibb leave his wife? ›

The will of Bee Gees member Maurice Gibb leaves his widow more than $2-million, their six homes and all ownership in copyrights and musical compositions. Gibb's will, drawn up 12 years ago and filed in Miami-Dade County court, also establishes trust funds for his children -- Adam, 27, and Samantha, 22, of Miami Beach.

What does Barry Gibb's daughter do? ›

What happened to Barry Gibb's first marriage? ›

Their marriage faced challenges, leading to their divorce in 1970, shortly before Barry's career with the Bee Gees reached new heights. While Barry's career continued to soar, Maureen chose to maintain a private life away from the media.

Which Bee Gee had an open marriage? ›

Dwina Gibb, 61, an artist, writer and bisexual self-styled druid priestess, said she and the singer had a “certain kind of freedom” in their marriage, but loved each other deeply. More than one women: Robin Gibb performs in Dubai in 2008, four years before his death, aged 62.

Why did Barry Gibb not get along with his brothers? ›

Barry also revealed that there were several periods during their 5 decades in music when he, Robin and Maurice didn't get along, most notably after their initial rise to fame in the late 1960s fuled by hits like “To Love Somebody.” Robin and Barry in particular began to fight over who deserved to be the group's ...

Who inherited Maurice Gibb's money? ›

After his death, Maurice left his widow Yvonne and their children, Adam and Samantha, a huge estate, six homes around the world and all ownership to copyrights.

What did Maurice Gibb pass away of? ›

Maurice Gibb died in January 2003. His cause of death was volvulus , a complication of bowel obstruction (blockage) that causes twisting of the intestine. Gibb, 53, was a member of the Bee Gees, a pop band that was popular during the 1970s.

How rich was Robin Gibb when he died? ›

Bee Gee Robin Gibb left a lot of money, according to the UK SUN. The paper reports that Gibb, who died of cancer in May, at age 62, left an estate worth $148 million (£93 million). The assets are said to include a $24 million family home and a $4 million Miami Beach mansion.

What caused Robin Gibb's death? ›

In May 2012, Gibb died at the age of 62 from liver and kidney failure brought on by colorectal cancer.

What is Barry Gibb doing now? ›

Now, Barry is a solo artist who often collaborates with his sons Stephen and Ashley on new music.

Are any of Barry Gibb's children musicians? ›

Barry Gibb's youngsters are four children named Stephen Gibb, Ashley Gibb, Travis Gibb, Michael Gibb, and a girl, Alexandra Gibb, whom he invited with his better half, Linda Dim. Three of his youngsters wandered into music, while one is an entertainer, and his girl is a commentator.

How much was Maurice Gibb worth when he died? ›

Maurice Gibb
BornDecember 22, 1949
HometownDouglas, United Kingdom
Net worth$100 million
Height5'8" (1.73m)

Is Barry Gibb's ill? ›

How has arthritis affected Barry Gibb's career? Arthritis has affected Barry Gibb's career by causing pain and occasional immobility in various parts of his body. However, he remains resilient and continues to stay actively engaged in his musical pursuits.

Who was Robin Gibb married to when he died? ›

He fathered child with housekeeper, his wife is bisexual, druid priestess. May 22, 2012 — -- As Robin Gibb's family makes plans for his funeral, his devoted wife of 28 years, Dwina Gibb, who remained steadfastly at his bedside, has a interesting family dynamic to contend with.

Do all the Gibb brothers have the same parents? ›

In 1944, Barbara married Hugh Gibb, a bandleader for the Hughie Gibb Orchestra in Manchester, England. She sang with the band. They had five children: Barry, twins Robin and Maurice, Andy and daughter Lesley.

How many of the Gibb family are alive? ›

Sadly, Barry Gibb is now the only surviving member of the Bee Gees. His younger brothers, fraternal twins Robin Gibb and Maurice Gibb died in 2012 and 2003, respectively.

How much older is Barry Gibb than his brothers? ›

Barry Gibb is 3 years older than his twin brothers Maurice and Robin Gibb.

What did Maurice Gibb pass away from? ›

Maurice Gibb died in January 2003. His cause of death was volvulus , a complication of bowel obstruction (blockage) that causes twisting of the intestine. Gibb, 53, was a member of the Bee Gees, a pop band that was popular during the 1970s.

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