Hourglass Body Shape: How To Dress & Style Guide (2024)

Discover the ultimate style guide for the hourglass body shape, from perfect fits to celebrity inspiration. Own your curves confidently!

Hello, beautiful hourglass ladies! Just like Marilyn Monroe and Sofia Vergara, you’re blessed with a natural silhouette that many envy. With a narrow waist, balanced upper and lower body, and those beautiful curves in all the right places, your body type is celebrated in the fashion industry.

But what to wear? Don’t fret! Whether it’s wrap dresses that hug your defined waist, or high-rise jeans perfect for your curvy hips, this guide is your best friend.

Let’s dive into creating the perfect outfit for that iconic hourglass shape. Remember, it’s all about celebrating and enhancing, not hiding those red carpet-worthy curves!

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What is An Hourglass Body Shape?

First, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page. An hourglass body shape, often celebrated by icons like Sophia Loren and Christina Hendricks, boasts a balanced upper and lower body, characterized by wide hips and a larger bust/shoulder line.

The defining feature is a smaller waist that’s narrower than the bust, shoulder, and hip measurements. Think of it as a natural curve, creating a vertical line from top to bottom.

Can I be an hourglass if I have a small bust?” — you may ask. The answer is yes! If your hips and shoulders are of similar width, and you have a well-defined waist, your body would still resemble an hourglass silhouette.

This body type shines best in wrap tops, pencil skirts, and high-waisted bottoms, all which accentuate that slim, natural waist.

Boxy styles and too much bulk? Not the best choices here. Instead, soft fabrics, clean lines, and waist definition are your best friends.

Embrace those natural curves and choose clothes that best suit this iconic silhouette. After all, it’s all about showcasing the beautiful hourglass silhouette in the best way possible! But more on the later.

Hourglass Body Characteristics:

  • slim, well-defined waist
  • balanced upper and lower body
  • wide hips aligned with bust or shoulder measurements
  • slightly rounded shoulders
  • curvy, hourglass-resembling figure

Remember: the right clothes enhance, not hide. Rock that natural body shape!

How To Dress An Hourglass Body Shape:

Dressing an hourglass shape? Embrace that natural silhouette. High-rise skinny jeans and flattering a-line or tulip skirts: your besties. Favor wrap styles, peplum tops.

Choose straight lines, avoid extra volume. Oval necks, off-shoulder necklines? Great choices. Flaunt that small waist with fitted tops and sleeves.

Wear tulip skirts, shift dresses. Ditch wide sleeves, go for cap. Keep it casual or dial it up.

Best Tops For An Hourglass Body:

Hourglass Body Shape: How To Dress & Style Guide (4)

Wrap style tops are a dream for hourglass figures, highlighting that enviable natural shape. Peplum tops? Total game-changer, emphasizing your narrower waist.

V-necks offer a chic, elevated look. And jewel necklines? They’re your best friend for that perfect balance between top half and bottom half.

Best Bottoms For An Hourglass Figure:

Hourglass Body Shape: How To Dress & Style Guide (5)

High-waisted pants beautifully accentuate that slim waistline of an hourglass shape. Straight leg jeans? Oh, they’re a must-have. Bootcut and wide leg jeans glide effortlessly over curvy hips, creating a balanced, chic silhouette. And for a flattering finish? Go high rise to enhance those killer curves.

Best Dresses For An Hourglass Body Shape:

Hourglass Body Shape: How To Dress & Style Guide (6)

Wrap-style dresses are a great choice for the hourglass silhouette, hugging at the right places. Belted dresses or shift ones? Both flatter the upper body beautifully. Opt for a tulip skirt or empire line dress to highlight that defined waist.

Best Skirts For An Hourglass Body Type:

Hourglass Body Shape: How To Dress & Style Guide (7)

Tulip and pencil type of skirts highlight the curvy hourglass body shape best. Choose stretchy materials for comfort and a good look. A high waist style, right at the belly button, is the best hemline. Pair with a fitted top, and you are pop culture ready!

Best Jackets For An Hourglass Figure:

Hourglass Body Shape: How To Dress & Style Guide (8)

Jackets with shoulder pads can enhance the hourglass body shape’s characteristics. Opt for designs that cinch the narrower waist measurement. Stiff fabrics? Maybe not. Soft, tailored cuts that hug the bust area are a good choice in my playbook.

Best Coats For An Hourglass Body:

Hourglass Body Shape: How To Dress & Style Guide (9)

Highlighting the characteristics of an hourglass body shape? Coats that cinch at the hip bone are a great way. Trench coats and wrap coats are a total YES. Avoid straight cut or boxy styles. It’s all about embracing that female body shape, remember, by following the natural silhouette.

Hourglass Figure DOs and DONT’s Summary:

The SECRET to dressing an hourglass body shape is to emphasize your waist without drawing attention to the hips and shoulders.

DO’s: Always think balance. Wrap dresses are your BFF. High-waisted skirts accentuate that waist. Tailored jackets highlight your curves. Peplum tops? Totally fab. Remember Monica from “Friends”? Channel that 90s vibe with fitted jeans. Always highlight your waist. It’s your superpower!

DON’Ts: While your shape is iconic, avoid boxy outfits. Oversized tunics can hide your assets. Skip the super stiff fabrics. They’re unflattering. Avoid low-rise jeans; they disrupt the balance. Remember Rachel Green’s baggy overalls? Cute for nostalgia, not for hourglass figures. Always celebrate, never hide, those curves.

Stylish Outfits for an Hourglass Body Shape:

The Classic White Tee and High-Waisted Jeans Combo:

Perfectly skims the curves. Add a belt for extra waist emphasis.

Wrap Dress:

Timeless and effortlessly chic. Hugs in all the right places.

Tailored Black Blazer and Pencil Skirt:

Power combo for the office. Cinches the waist and showcases legs.

Neutral-toned Belted Jumpsuit:

Sleek, one-piece wonder. Ensure it’s cinched at the waist for maximum impact.

Boat Neck Tops with Slim-fit High-Rise Trousers:

Highlights collarbones. Slim trousers complement the curve balance.

Monochrome Culotte Jumpsuit:

Chic, modern, with a hint of retro. Defines the waist while giving a relaxed feel.

High-rise, Straight-leg Trousers with Fitted Tank:

Emphasizes the smaller waist. Balances the hip-to-leg ratio.

Maxi Dress with Belt Detail:

Flowy, yet form-fitting. Cinch with a thin belt for added definition.

A-line Midi Skirt with Fitted Turtleneck:

Showcase that waistline. Keeps it sleek up top.

Hourglass Body Shape Celebrities:

Sofia Vergara and Marilyn Monroe rock the hourglass figure. Christina Hendricks is another iconic example. Sophia Loren? Timeless elegance. These celebs embrace their type, showing us how it’s done. Get inspired!

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The History of the Hourglass Body Shape:

Hollywood’s Golden Age:

In the 1950s, hourglass was the silhouette to emulate. Think Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. Cinched waists, full skirts, and tailored tops. Hollywood glam showcased and celebrated this body type. Red lipstick, high heels, and the classic “wiggle dress”. Vintage vibes that screamed femininity.

The Disco Fever Era:

Fast-forward to the 70s. Disco balls, glitter, and flare pants. While the fashion leaned towards looser fits, hourglass figures still shined. Wrap dresses, pioneered by Diane von Fürstenberg, flattered those curves. Farrah Fawcett’s iconic red swimsuit? Total hourglass celebration. Groovy, right?

Modern Throwbacks:

Today’s fashion loves a good throwback. The hourglass? Still iconic. Inspired by past eras, high-waisted pants and bodycon dresses are in. Rihanna’s Fenty line? Hourglass heaven. Kim K’s curve-hugging looks? Hourglass pride. History repeats, and fashion’s love for the hourglass is forever. Retro is the new modern.

Hourglass Body Shape: How To Dress & Style Guide (21)

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Fashion for thought:

Rocking the hourglass? Dive into fashion inspiration from Scarlett Johansson, Halle Berry, and Salma Hayek. Emphasize your enviable waist with the right styles, whether it’s tailored jackets or high-rise jeans.

Remember, while celeb inspo is great, your body is one of a kind. Wear what makes you feel fabulous. Channeling a bit of Kim Kardashian’s confidence, know that your curves are iconic. Own your hourglass magic.

This post was all about hourglass body shape.

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Hourglass Body Shape: How To Dress & Style Guide (2024)
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