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>> and in the end, for all her smiles and boundless good manners, randy baker's daughter is just as tough as he was. maybe tougher.

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grocery store details tonight about a chaotic chase in the south bay, plus extra fees at restaurants are not going away. but a brand new law says restaurants can't surprise you with them either. we'll explain the changes coming next week, and as some libraries are forced to pull queer books off their shelves, a shop in san francisco is fighting back against book bans as the city celebrates pride. good evening. pride weekend is well underway in san francisco. hundreds of thousands of people in the city celebrating that is right, and all culminates with a big event tomorrow. of course, the parade is going to cap off a busy weekend of pride festivities. ojai san francisco city's pride festival kicked off today at civic center. the parade and celebration is one of the

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largest lgbtq plus celebrations in the world. safety is at the top of mind this year after a warning from federal law enforcement about the possibility that terrorist groups could target large events during pride month, but no significant incidents have happened. and police say they're ready for people who attended today, the focus was on the festivities. what i'm most looking forward to is just honestly just the overall experience of everything. i've always heard how san francisco is the biggest pride event, just seeing the history of the movement as well and just being a part of it. as we mentioned, the parade is tomorrow. organizers expect about 50,000 people in the parade and a million people line in market street, a million people wo. this pride weekend, one san francisco shop is working to fight book bans in other states by mailing books featuring lgbtq plus voices. nbc bay area's alyssa goard went to the bookstore behind the effort. this bookstore that specializes in lgbtq plus books usually has

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its busiest day of the year. the saturday before pride. but this year, it's not just focused on sales, it's also focused on a new program. as san francisco's pride festivities fill the streets outside, a different kind of pride is being boxed up inside fabulosa books. we are the neighborhood bookstore in san francisco's castro district, which of course is one of the oldest gayborhoods in the country. store employees are upset over the number of books getting pulled off of school and library shelves around the country. the american library association says the number of books challenged in u.s. libraries spiked to the highest level it's ever documented. in 2023 of those books, nearly half share the voices and experiences of the lgbtq plus community and people of color. it's so important for people to have to see themselves represented. so last year, a fabulosa employee

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started books not bans. they send all kinds of queer books to organizations in states experiencing bans at no cost to those organizations. if you're a young person and you're not in a supportive family, you might have to read it at the lgbt center. you know you're not going to. you can't have your amazon book delivered to your home. we don't have a lot of space. all the boxes are packed in this tiny storage closet in the store. so far, they've sent 35 boxes of books to states, including oklahoma, alabama, tennessee and south carolina. anything that we can do like to help, like people get access to books that they should be able to read is a good thing. i came out maybe 20, 25 years ago, and at that point, you know, this was kind of pre-internet, right? so how i kind of got word of like what i could become and what was out there was through literature, right, was through books. fabulosa staff say customers are overwhelmingly supporting this effort. we're not going to stop as long as they keep doing these silly

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bands. we're going to keep on sending books out in san francisco. alyssa goard, nbc, bay area news. a pride event that was officially canceled went ahead unofficially today. the annual dike march had been a part of san francisco pride since at least the 90s. organizers could not pull the march together this year, but hundreds of people took to the streets anyway. take a look with costumes, signs, drummers and flags. the crowd also marched, starting out from a packed dolores park. well, if you are headed to the city tomorrow, heads up, prepare for delays and road closures. all kinds of stuff. these streets you see here in red, they're going to be closed starting at six in the morning so people can set up for the parade. talking about beal, main spear and stewart between marquette and folsom, you might not be going down to those streets, but check this out. market from stuart to venice. wow. closed parking. also hard to come by because mission street will be a no parking zone between the embarcadero all the

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way out to venice. the parade kicks off at 1030 tomorrow morning. floats will start at beale and market roll down market toward civic center. and that is where the festival continues. and luckily, this all happening before a lot of that heat comes in. rob mayeda here now to tell us when that's all happening. yeah, we're watching some really fantastic weather for tomorrow around san francisco. we're comfortably cool right now, low 60s and during the day tomorrow as the parade gets underway. should see mid 60s and eventually low 70s during the afternoon. so sunday and the weekend just fine around the bay area. but tuesday a different story. see all the red in the map? that is the excessive heat. watch for the entire east bay, including oakland out past the tri-valley san jose. most of the south bay and north bay. san francisco, by the way, may eventually see a heat advisory around tuesday and wednesday. widespread 90s and 100 degree temperatures inland. and on top of that, we have a red flag warning as some north winds pick up across solano county and interior northern california. that's going to be

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monday night on into tuesday. what's different about this particular heat wave is it could last for several days, tuesday through friday, potentially into next weekend as well. we'll take a closer look at when those peak temperatures arrive in our forecast coming up in a few minutes. sounds good rob. our nbc bay area app, a great tool to have ahead of this heat wave. you can download it for free by pointing your phone's camera at the qr code on your screen. we'll send alerts straight to your phone. you can track the temps in your neighborhood. new at 11 san jose police are investigating a string of hit and run crashes, all believed to be caused by one driver. police say. around 545, a driver on north first street called to report another driver who intentionally rammed their car. afterwards, several more calls came in about the same driver and car ramming other cars and driving off. officers followed the driver to the area of fifth and julian streets, and after a brief standoff, the suspect surrendered to police. a whole chain of events. that whole

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thing lasted about 45 minutes. fortunately, no one was hurt. no word on if that driver will face charges. a highly anticipated concert in concord was over before it even began because of a power outage. fans of the 80s bands styx and foreigner were out of luck tonight. power outage hit the toyota pavilion in concord around 640, just as the opening act was set to start. pg&e estimates that power won't be restored until about 5 a.m. tomorrow. the outage is affecting more than 1500 customers in concord and clayton . as for the concert goers, about 9500 people had tickets to the show. you can see right there is packed. if you're one of them, hold on to your tickets. we're told the show is going to be rescheduled. restaurant surcharges will remain legal in california after governor newsom signed a controversial bill into law. now, the so-called junk fee law set to take effect on monday, it prohibits businesses from charging hidden fees on things like concert tickets and hotel rooms. but the bill signed today

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gives restaurants a last minute exemption from that so they can continue to charge fees outside of the listed menu price if they disclose the fees on menus or displays, restaurants will have a year to make sure their displays meet the new requirements. well, at a crowded bar, you may not notice if someone added something to your drink while you weren't looking, but now you'll be able to find out right away. starting monday, a new state law will require bars to offer customers a date rape drug test strip. here's nbc bay area's marianne favro. what's in your drink at a crowded bar, you may not notice if someone added something to it while you weren't looking. now you'll be able to find out right away. starting monday, a new state law will require bars to offer customers a date rape drug test, strip. it's a security for those coming out to drink. sometimes you get carried away in a conversation. you might turn your head for a few seconds

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or so, and people are really slick out here and you just got to be careful. and i think that is just a wonderful idea. the test is quick and easy. just place a few drops from your drink on the designated area of the card. if it turns blue or black, there's a good chance you've been roofied. the test can detect the presence of date rape drugs like ketamine and ghb. we'll have our bartenders and our front door managers, and as well as our security guards having those cards out for anybody. the assistant general manager at san pedro social says he supports the new law. i think it's a great idea. i think it's a great idea to protect the public and a great idea for people to come into your restaurant and make sure that they have a voice in their own word by getting one of those cards. so i think it's a great opportunity for us to make them feel more a part. the law only applies to bars with what's known as a type 48 liquor license. establishments that don't comply could face penalties impacting their license. the new law requires bars to provide the test kits, but they don't have to be free, so you could be charged for one.

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under the new law, bars are also required to post signs at the entrance, the exit and in the restrooms explaining that these test kits are available. this is what those signs look like. britney says she believes the new law will give her peace of mind next time she goes out. i wouldn't have to watch my drink so much. you know? and knowing that the bar is offering, that would give me peace of mind of coming out and enjoying myself rather than having to stay home to feel safe. in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. in los angeles, family and friends of an actor killed more than a month ago still want answers. about 100 people gathered in north hollywood park for the mile for johnny walk. johnny wactor was returning to his car with a coworker after a bartending shift when the 37 year old interrupted three men trying to steal his catalytic converter. the general hospital actor confronted the men and was shot and killed, many attending today are heartbroken and fed up

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with a crime in l.a. county. it's not okay. i do not understand how these criminals are okay, just not only committing crimes but actually murdering innocent people. we got to get something different going because it's not working right now. the lapd has not made an arrest and doesn't have much to go on in the case. they say the suspects were wearing dark clothing and drove away in a dark colored sedan. we are back in 60s with an update on two arrests in the aftermath of a violent sideshow. now, two suspects are now out of jail, but there's a catch what the judge is ordering. and, hey, they're going to paris. highlights from today's olympic trials in gymnastics and track here from a stanford gymnast who is getting a shot at gold. it's still pretty warm out in walnut creek. 76 degrees here at 11:00. a sign of things to come. warmer nights and much hotter days ahead.

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and charged with attacking a san jose police patrol car go to a treatment center. the incident happened earlier this month. everybody saw it after a sideshow near santana row. the whole thing caught on camera. two brothers from arizona were later arrested and held without bail. the mercury news reports a judge has now approved their transfer to a sober living facility, but denied their request to be allowed to return to arizona. the judge also ordered their online activity be monitored. well several stanford gymnasts are heading to the paris olympics, part of team usa . your 2024 team usa men's

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olympic team. there they are. brody malone, asher hong were named along with three other gymnasts. coy young was named as an alternate after he barely missed the official team. this will be malone's second trip to the olympics. the 24 year old has just bounced back from a severe knee injury that forced him to sit out the 2023 season. his teammate asher hong helped the u.s. win a team bronze at the 2023 world championships. now, the 20 year old stanford sophom*ore has his eyes on gold ahead into his first olympics train recover and have fun. that's all i can say. like, just continue following coach thomas training plan. i have my eyes set on that team medal and you know we're going to go out there and represent our country at the track and field trials. noah lyles stormed to a us olympic trials record in the men's 200 meter final. he turned in a scorching time of 19.53. see him

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there in the yellow, taking second. kenny bednarek, who was in the lead until the final 50m. bednarek, like lyles, is going to run in the 100 meter and 200 meter in paris. 20 year old arian knighton also booked a spot in his second olympic games, now in the women's 200 meter final, gabby thomas soared to a victory with a time of 21.81 seconds. paris will be her second olympic games in tokyo. she earned the bronze, but she's got her eye on gold this time around. brittany brown finished less than a 10th of a second behind thomas, her personal best to compete at her first olympics. mackenzie long also earned a spot at her first olympics. a lot of support among these athletes, as you can see, the top finishers were all smiles and hugs for one another. us olympic trials wrapping up tomorrow. track and field and women's gymnastics. watch it all right here on nbc. bay area coverage begins at 430 tomorrow afternoon. all right. rob mayeda here now. and, rob, if you like the warmer temperatures, you got it. and just wait. right? yeah. too much of it. yeah. here we

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go. i think we'll get there by by tuesday and wednesday when the heat really cranks up. good news, though, for outdoor plans tomorrow, the coolest day of the week. coming up for your sunday plans, we'll see 80s to low 90s inland before we could be soaring closer to records by midweek. right now, upper 60s in san jose. clear skies waiting on maybe a patch or two of some low clouds early in the morning tomorrow. right now, still 70 out towards the tri valley warm and those inland east bay valleys to the north. you got 76 degrees still in walnut creek. we should see low 90s again tomorrow. and san francisco 61 should be comfortably mild tomorrow. near 70 for a high. you can see the temperatures here as of 11:00. still got those numbers in the 70s inland around concord and livermore and down towards areas south of downtown san jose. so the morning begins with some drizzle and some fog that will stay entrenched on the coast and move locally inland. as we head towards the evening. so temperature wise, sunday, a lot like we saw today with 50s and

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low 60s to start right around midday. we'll get those numbers climbing through the 80s inland and out towards solano county. some 90s tomorrow out towards fairfield area, south of san jose, morgan hill near 90 degrees 82, in san jose, 71 san francisco and 79 in oakland. now, as high pressure builds in, it's going to be centering itself near the pacific northwest in northern california. so we're going to see our temperatures really start to climb by tuesday. and wednesday. that's the time. the excessive heat watch for most of the bay area takes effect tuesday through friday. we'll see if that eventually gets upgraded into a warning, but look at that time frame tuesday all the way through friday. and look at those tuesday temperatures now 80s and 90s from san francisco to oakland, mid 90s around san jose and the inland east bay valleys for about 100 to 108 degrees. tracking tracking a little bit higher. once we get to wednesday, some of the hottest spots inland out towards sacramento or inland solano county may be close to 110 degrees near 100in san jose on wednesday, and the 4th of july.

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still hot 90s to temperatures above 100 degrees across the valleys and near 80 in san francisco. mid 80s in oakland. and the reason why we may not cool down a lot is notice how this high doesn't move much. in fact, as we head towards next weekend, could still see those upper 90s to above 100 degree temperatures out towards the tri valley. so stay tuned. right now, a lot of the excessive heat, watches and heat related warnings are supposed to drop on friday, but right now it looks like some of that heat is going to stick around into the weekend. so san francisco looking more like inland temperatures, especially midweek downtown could see those numbers in the mid 80s. but look at that. once we get into tuesday, into the start of next weekend, upper 90s to above 100 degrees as we head from tuesday into saturday. places like livermore, for example, could see 5 or 6 days above 100 degrees starting tuesday. all right, rob, thank you very much. anthony flores joining us now for sports. a

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wild one at oracle today. they had a great walk off win yesterday but couldn't pull it off today on the verge of victory to getting blown out the opportunity. the giants did not take advantage of against the hated dodgers. the ground sports is next

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san francisco's been through tough times. london breed led us through the pandemic, declaring an emergency before anyone else, saving thousands of lives. from growing up in the western addition housing projects to becoming mayor, london has never given up on the city that raised her. london is getting people off the streets and into care. london never gave up on me. i found a home, and my life is on the right track. london made it super easy for me to open my small business, by cutting city fees. and she's reinventing downtown to make our city vibrant again. she's building 82,000 new homes and helping first time homebuyers, just like us. and london's hiring hundreds of police officers, and arresting drug dealers. san francisco has been through difficult times, but our hard work is paying off. working together, we're building a better future for the city we all love. ad paid for by re-elect mayor london breed 2024. financial disclosures are available at sfethics.org.

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to town. the orange and black have dropped 15 of their last 20 games at oracle park against the blue crew. so, so much for that home field advantage, terry, what is this? there was a lot of blue in the crowd today. shohei ohtani got everyone on their feet with his shot to straightaway center field. it's his national league leading 26th home run. the game would go into extra innings. giants down two run in the 10th. david issa doubles off the wall and left that plates the tying run. the giants had the bases loaded but failed to end the game. you know

11:24 pm

what's going to happen the next inning? the dodgers blow this game wide open. they score seven runs in the top of the 11th inning. the dodgers go on to beat the giants 14 to 7 in 11 innings. so the giants fall to two and six against the dodgers this season. when he's able to get the bat to the ball and he'll take strike three. rough night for the a's at the dish arizona zac gallen just dominated on the hill. gave up just one hit with seven k's in six scoreless innings of work. the diamondbacks shut out oakland three to nothing on the pitch. ian russell making his interim head coaching debut for the earthquakes against the la galaxy. it was the 101st cali clasico being played at stanford stadium, but this one was all galaxy. they scored once in the first half, added two more goals in the second. the galaxy spoil russell's first game with the quakes final three nil. i was

11:25 pm

very happy with a lot of the game, but there's again big mistakes that keep on hurting us, that we have to. we have to fix those. i thought we created enough chances to at least be in this game, but the scoreline doesn't look like it. bay fc on the road in louisville scoreless in the 76th minute, then asisat oshoala hits the first penalty kick goal in club history. it's her third goal of the season. turns out to be the game winner. bay fc wins it one nil. they have now won four of their last six matches. all right, the warriors could be headed for the end of an era. according to the athletic, the team is prepared to let klay thompson walk in free agency. what klay wants and what the warriors are willing to pay do not match up. thompson has been a part of the warriors championship corps, winning four nba titles in 13 seasons. that's a look at

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find your way to exceptional offers during the summer of audi sales event at you local audi dealer. no, i guess not. san francisco 49 ers star christian mccaffrey married model olivia culpo today. these are pictures of them headed to the wedding in watch hill, rhode island, not far from culpo's hometown. the couple started dating in 2019. got engaged last april. congratulations. yes indeed. here's a look at couple's stunning dolce gabbana dress right here. she said she wanted something serious and sophisticated. she gott i

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