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Lottery fans in the Buckeye State will find details below including a draw schedule, games listing, and where to claim prizes.

Current lottery games include: Ohio Classic Lotto - Ohio Kicker - Powerball - Mega Millions - Lucky for Life - Pick 3 Evening - Pick 3 Midday - Pick 4 Evening - Pick 4 Midday - Pick 5 Evening - Pick 5 Midday - Rolling Cash 5.

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Buying Tickets

You can purchase Ohio Lottery tickets from over 9,000 authorized retailers across the state. If you're visiting from another part of the USA, you'll need to make sure you claim any winnings before you return home.

Ohio Lottery Drawing Schedule

Check the time table below to find out the closing times for ticket sales and the next drawing day for your favorite OH games:

GameDraw DaysDraw Times*Ticket Sales Close At*
PowerballMonday, Wednesday & Saturday10:59 PM10:00 PM
Mega MillionsTuesday & Friday11:00 PM10:45 PM
Lucky for LifeDaily10:38 PM9:30 PM
Lotto with KickerMonday, Wednesday & Saturday7:05 PM7:00 PM
Pick 3Daily12:29 PM & 7:29 PM12:25 PM & 7:25 PM
Pick 4Daily12:29 PM & 7:29 PM12:25 PM & 7:25 PM
Pick 5Daily12:29 PM & 7:29 PM12:25 PM & 7:25 PM
Rolling Cash 5Daily7:05 PM7:00 PM
*Times are shown in EST. Ticket sales for the Saturday evening Pick 3, Pick 4 & Pick 5 drawings are open until 7:45 PM.

Game Information

In addition to Powerball and Mega Millions, residents of Ohio and surrounding states can play a number of fun home-grown games:

Classic Lotto & Kicker

Classic Lotto is a draw game that offers big jackpots every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday evening at 7:05 PM. The top prize starts at $1 million and can roll over by at least $100,000 per drawing until a player matches all six numbers drawn. Tickets cost just $1 and players select six numbers from 1 to 49 or use an Auto Pick to create a random entry. Jackpot winners can opt for 30 annual payments or a lump-sum amount.

Kicker is played alongside Classic Lotto for an additional cost of just $1 and gives players the chance to win up to $100,000. A six-digit number is generated on the night of the draw and players must match it in exact order to win the top prize.

Pick 3

Ohio Pick 3 is drawn twice daily. Sunday to Friday the draws are held at 12:29pm and 7:29pm EST, the Saturday midday draw is also held at 12:29pm but the Saturday evening draw occurs slightly later around 7:30 to 8pm EST in order to be broadcast during the Cash Explosion television show.

Pick 4

Ohio Pick 4 is also played two times daily, with the Midday and Evening draws held alongside the Pick 3 drawings. Players can choose from Straight or Box wagers, with entries costing as little as $0.50.

Pick 5

Ohio Pick 5 has the same draw times as the other Pick games, with Midday and Evening draws held seven days a week. The game offers the chance to win up to $50,000 on a $1 bet.

Rolling Cash 5

Rolling Cash 5 is a fun and easy game that offers a starting jackpot of $100,000. Like many other Match 5 games in the United States, players play $1 and select five numbers from 1 to 39. Drawings are held daily around 7:05 PM.

Other Games

Other Ohio Lottery games include a choice of EZPlay options and Keno. If you want to play right away without waiting for a drawing to take place, why not try the instant games sold at authorized retail locations? These scratchcards cost anywhere from $1 to $30 per ticket and offer an amazing variety of fun cash prizes.

Claiming Prizes

All Ohio Lottery prizes must be claimed within 180 days of the date of the relevant draw, the date of game closure for instant games, or date of purchase for EZPLAY prizes.

If you win a prize on Powerball, Mega Millions, Classic Lotto or Rolling Cash 5, your winnings can be redeemed after 6:00 AM the day after the drawing.

Winners can claim prizes under $5,000 by mail - see below for details.

Prizes worth $599 or less can also be claimed from any authorized retailer.

Prizes worth between $600 and $5,000 may be claimed using a Pay to Bearer certificate, which can be obtained from any authorized retailer. You can then use a claim form to have your winnings paid to you.

Prizes worth more than $5,000 must be claimed at one of the following regional lottery centers:

  • Brooklyn Heights (Cleveland)
  • Toledo
  • Dayton
  • Cincinnati
  • Columbus
  • Athens
  • North Canton
  • Youngstown
  • Lorain

Federal withholding taxes of 25 percent apply to larger prizes, with the state of Ohio adding their own tax of four percent to larger winnings.

Claim a prize by mail

Prizes below $5,000 may be redeemed via mail. Sign and print your name on the back of the ticket and send to the address below.

If you won over $600, you'll need to send the following:

  1. Completed original ticket
  2. Completed claim form
  3. Copy of photo ID, e.g. driver's license, verifying your current address

Send to:

The Ohio Lottery
The Lausche Building - Room 452
615 West Superior Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44113

History of the Ohio Lottery

Voters approved a constitutional amendment in May 1973 establishing the current Ohio Lottery, with ticket sales for the first game, called Buckeye 300, starting in August 1974. In 1983, profits from ticket sales began to be transferred to education. Ohio Lotto started that same year.

The Ohio Lottery joined Mega Millions in 2002 and Powerball in April 2010. More than $19 billion has been allocated to educational initiatives in the state since the Ohio Lottery began, providing valuable funds for K-12 and special education as well as vocational programs.


You must be at least 18 years old to play Ohio Lottery games.

Ohio Lottery Information (2024)


How much tax do you pay on a $1 000 lottery ticket in Ohio? ›

Federal tax is not being withheld from the top prize of $1,389 on the $1,000 Tax Free scratch-off. Winners instead receive an additional $333.44 which is for you to pay at the time you file your federal tax return. You will receive a W-2G from the Ohio Lottery next year to file with your federal tax return.

Do you have to tell if you win the lottery in Ohio? ›

Read about important legal considerations if you have been fortunate enough to win the lottery. If you are fortunate to win a significant lottery jackpot in Ohio it is your legal right to remain anonymous.

How do I know if my name was called on Cash Explosion? ›

Announced contestants will be contacted by a Cash Explosion® Team Member via phone, email or USPS, usually within a week of the announcement date. It is important to make sure your My Lotto Rewards account information is accurate and up to date.

How much does Ohio take from lottery winnings? ›

Of course, there are also state lottery taxes. There are several states that don't tax lottery winnings, but Ohio isn't one of them. Ohio takes another 3.99%, or roughly $30 million off the lump sum payout.

Do lottery winnings affect social security? ›

Do lottery winnings count as earned income for Social Security purposes? Lottery winnings are not considered earned income, no matter how much work it was purchasing your tickets. Therefore, they do not affect your Social Security benefits.

Can you write off losing lottery tickets on your taxes? ›

You can deduct your losses on gambling to include lotteries, raffles, horse racing, casino games, poker games and sports betting, according to TurboTax. According to NerdWallet, the first hurdle most people will face is that you cannot write off more than the amount you've won.

What is the most someone has won on Cash Explosion? ›

CLEVELAND, Ohio - Terri Waddell's Cash Explosion fleece jacket is the only visible indication she won $520,000 on the game show. Waddell may be the only contestant to have that staff item because the Ohio Lottery ran out freebies to give her.

Do all contestants win money on Cash Explosion? ›

Every player on Cash Explosion is guaranteed to win at least $6,100! But of course, that's just the beginning… players have a chance to win MUCH more! One by one, players test their luck against their own game board.

Is Cash Explosion live or taped? ›

The show originated in Cleveland and is now taped by Mills James Productions in Columbus, Ohio.

Who can take your lottery winnings in Ohio? ›

Prizes shall be claimed in the name of the holder or holders of the ticket. After validation and proper submission for payment within the established redemption period as specified in this rule, payment of prize awards shall be made promptly to the person in whose name the claim is made.

How long does it take to get lottery winnings in Ohio? ›

How long does it take for the customer to receive their winnings in their bank account? Please allow 1-3 business days for a bank account. Please remember, the first transfer will take up to 7-10 days as the bank account information is verified.

How much does a store get for selling a winning lottery ticket in Ohio? ›

What are my commissions and any additional bonuses? Most new Lottery retailers will see an increase in store merchandise sales once they begin selling Lottery tickets. Lottery retailers will also earn 5.5% on each ticket sale and up to 1.5% on cashing winning tickets, for an average of 6.2%.

How much tax does the IRS take from lottery winnings? ›

Lottery winnings, considered taxable income, are subject to both federal and state income taxes. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) imposes a federal tax rate of 24%, and California's state income tax, with rates ranging from 1% to 13.3%, adds an additional layer of taxation.

How much goes to taxes if I win $1 million dollars? ›

In practice, there is a 24 percent federal withholding of the gross prize, plus the remaining tax, based on your filing status. For example, if your gross prize is $1,000,000, you need to pay $334,072 in total taxes ($240,000 federal withholding, plus the remaining $94,072 for single filing status in 2021).

How much tax do you pay on a $1000 lottery ticket in PA? ›

Yes, lottery winnings are taxable under state and federal law. In Pennsylvania, all lottery winnings are subject to the commonwealth's 3.07% state personal income tax, plus an additional 24% through federal taxes.

How much tax do you pay on a $1000 lottery ticket in Florida? ›

Florida is another state that does not tax lottery winnings. Individuals who win the lottery in Florida are not required to pay state taxes on their winnings. However, federal income taxes may still apply to lottery prizes.

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