Rhythm + Flow's Winner, D Smoke, Just Released New Music—and We're Hooked (2024)

  • The finale of Rhythm + Flow season 1 aired on October 23, wrapping up Netflix's first music competition series.
  • Inglewood's D Smoke was the winner of the show's $250,000 grand prize.
  • The rapper has since released his first EP, "Inglewood High."

Season 1 of Netflix's Rhythm + Flow officially came to a close on October 23, as judges Cardi B, Chance the Rapper, and T.I. crowned Inglewood, California's "D Smoke" as the first-ever winner. He beat out fellow top-four contestants Flawless Real Talk, Londynn B, and Troyman.

Despite Cardi noting that the rapper's jumpsuit made him look like "a janitor," from the first episode the former Spanish and music theory high school teacher—who also attended UCLA—stood out for his poignant and reflective lyrics (“Hello, Kendrick Lamar! I have a friend for you!” Cardi B quipped in one episode) and his bilingual flow.

"When I first got to the competition in L.A. there were 30 rappers trying to battle each other backstage," he told TV Guide. "After the first time I got in front of the judges it confirmed those people would get my artistry. I knew T.I. would see my authentic presentation of Inglewood. I felt Cardi would appreciate my voice and my fluent Spanish, and Chance the Rapper would appreciate me as an out-of-the-box artist, he'd appreciate how creative an artist I could be."

Now, we can't be the only ones anticipating D Smoke's next post-win move. As we cross our fingers for a second season of Rhythm + Flow—which has earned rave reviews from both critics and Twitter alike—we looked into what the hip-hop artist is up to. Also, what are his plans for that $250,000 grand prize?

D Smoke just released a new EP called "Inglewood High."

On October 24, one day after he was crowned the winner of Rhythm + Flow season 1, D Smoke dropped a brand new seven-track EP dubbed "Inglewood High."

"Coming fresh off the first season of @rhythmandflownetflix, we now present to you "INGLEWOOD HIGH" the EP, now available on all streaming platforms. This is the appetizer we just getting started!!!" he wrote in a caption of the record's cover.

He also opened up to People about what the new project means to him, explaining that as the name suggests, it serves as a recognition of his hometown.

"It takes you on a brief journey,” he said. “It’ll lead with coming up in Inglewood, going back to Inglewood. Then telling the stories of some of my students. When I talk about the street as in Inglewood, it’s really me as a teacher looking at my students and telling their misguided stories. But that’s a project I’m really proud of and I can’t wait to see how people respond to it.”

He continued, “Some of my subject matter may deal with real hood topics, but it’s never to glorify the negative element. I think that’s inspiring because it challenges other artists to tell the complete story, not just highlight the high of what is gangster rap.”

The artist also told TV Guide that he's shot three music videos since the show stopped filming and has a 15-song album mixtape in the works.

You can also listen to the songs the rapper performed on Rhythm + Flow ("Let Migo" and "Last Supper") on all streaming platforms.

Listen to "Inglewood High" Now

His brother is signed to the same music label as Kendrick Lamar.

D Smoke's brother is R&B singer SiR, who signed with Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE) in 2017—the same record label as Grammy-winning rapper Kendrick Lamar. SiR even has a song featuring Lamar called "Hair Down." It currently has over 13 million views on YouTube.

It makes sense that the brothers are in the music business (D Smoke also plays the piano and drums) as their mother is a piano instructor and professional singer.

"My mom was everything to us,” he told People. “She gave us piano lessons, vocal lessons, like, very structured musical education in the house in addition to leading the music at church every week. So she had a very direct, tangible influence on who my brothers and I grew up to be as musicians. I personally took to the piano. I enjoyed the medium of expression on it. It led into me getting into production and artistry.”

He's kept in touch with T.I. the most since Rhythm + Flow ended.

In addition to having musical collaborations with judges T.I., Chance the Rapper, and Cardi B "in the pipeline," D Smoke said that he's communicated the most with Tip since the show wrapped in March.

"I’ve been speaking pretty regularly with T.I. He’s become somewhat of a mentor, and I check in here and there with Chance by text. Cardi B and I haven’t spoken. I think she’s waiting until it airs out then she’s going to reach back out," he said.

T.I. also told Entertainment Tonight, "I let him know he has me as a resource, to tap into whenever he needs advice from this point forward. He knows that, and I'm sure Chance and Cardi feel the same way."

D Smoke already has plans for the $250,000 grand prize.

Rhythm + Flow's Winner, D Smoke, Just Released New Music—and We're Hooked (6)

During the finale, Chance the Rapper gave the season winner some wise advice on how to spend the six-figure grand prize.

"This isn't like a lot of the other contest shows," the Grammy winner said. "It's a non-contractual $250,000 that are going to you to be spent however you want it. And I just want to tell you that the best thing you can do is invest in yourself."

It seems that D Smoke is taking the words to heart, as he told TV Guide he plans to give back to his community, while also making practical moves for his future.

"I'm going to invest," he said. "I'm going to give out a couple of scholarships to young people in the community through events where we can share information about what programs are available to the kids, and then of course kids, and then of course I'm going to be investing in my craft. I also will buy a place in Inglewood."

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Rhythm + Flow's Winner, D Smoke, Just Released New Music—and We're Hooked (7)

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Rhythm + Flow's Winner, D Smoke, Just Released New Music—and We're Hooked (2024)
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