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Are you looking to enhance your Keno game strategy and uncover the secrets of the best Keno numbers? HunnyPlay is here to guide you through the intriguing world of Keno, where strategic number selection can significantly boost your chances of winning.


What are the Best Keno Numbers?

In the quest for the best keno numbers, many enthusiasts swear by their best keno number combinations, believing in the power of probability and patterns.

While it’s true that lucky numbers for keno don’t have a scientific basis, since each keno draw is random and independent, the allure of ‘hot’ numbers is strong.

Some players meticulously track number frequencies, hoping to discern a winning edge in what is essentially a game of chance.

There’s no guaranteed set of best keno numbers. Every draw is independent, meaning the numbers drawn previously have no bearing on the next set. However, some numbers appear more frequently than others, and some strategies can help you approach the game with a plan.

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Keno Number Prediction Rate

Predicting Keno numbers is a challenging task due to the random nature of the game. However, many players use statistical methods and historical data to identify hot numbers Keno that appear more frequently.

While these predictions are not foolproof, they can offer insights into potential winning combinations. Using prediction tools and software can help identify patterns, but remember, the game is still largely based on luck.

There are 3,535,316,142,212,180,000 ways that the game can draw 20 numbers out of 80. That first number is read “quintillion,” by the way, just to give you an idea of where you stand.

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So, the probability that your first pick will match one of the game’s numbers in a round is 20/80. If you make a match, the chance you’ll hit another spot in 19 numbers out of 79 is 19/79.

It gets complicated because the probability of winning (20/80) * (19/79) is around 6.01%.

Long story short, a supercomputer could help solve some combinatorial calculations, but it would never be able to truly predict the next winning numbers. Keno’s most common numbers can provide a starting point for your strategy.

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Cold numbers in Keno

Cold numbers in Keno refer to those numbers that haven’t been drawn for a considerable number of games and, as such, might feel “overdue” to pop up in subsequent games.

For instance, if number 62 hasn’t appeared in many rounds, betting on it based on the law of averages could be a strategy some players might adopt, considering it among their best keno numbers combinations.

What are the most drawn Keno numbers?

When delving into the topic of best keno numbers, it’s beneficial to look at historical data from various Keno games, since each may feature its own set of hot numbers keno that recur more frequently.

Despite this, some research and collective game statistics have identified best keno number combinations that tend to appear consistently across numerous Keno games.

Based on data from New Zealand, the number 27 is statistically the best number to select as it has been drawn 25.59% of the time.

That’s 0.59% more frequently than we would expect! After analyzing data from thousands of games of Keno, the following numbers were the ten most drawn Keno numbers:

  • 27 (25.59%)
  • 35 (25.53%)
  • 65 (25.52%)
  • 50 (25.50%)
  • 12 (25.48%)
  • 32 (25.46%)
  • 40 (25.45%)
  • 49 (25.45%)
  • 3 (25.44%)
  • 31 (25.39%)

While previous outcomes shouldn’t be the sole basis for your selections, certain numbers do seem to appear more often than others. Historical records from HunnyPlay disclose trends in the lucky numbers for keno. Recognizing these patterns can aid players in determining which numbers to choose.

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Are there any lucky numbers in Keno?

Many players have faith in the best keno numbers, often choosing hot numbers keno that carry personal meaning, like birthdays or anniversaries. Although there’s no scientific backing for the efficacy of best keno numbers combinations, the psychological uplift they provide can be advantageous.

Holding onto the belief in keno most common numbers can amplify the pleasure of the game, rendering it more captivating and tailored to you. Regardless of whether they enhance your chances, they inject a dose of fun and thrill into your experience with lucky numbers for keno.

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Tips and tricks to play the best Keno numbers

Here at HunnyPlay, we recommend these tips for keno enthusiasts:

Learn the rules of the game

The first step to playing Keno effectively is to thoroughly understand the rules. Different casinos and games may have variations in their rules, so it’s crucial to read up before playing.

Knowing whether you can pick different best keno numbers for each game, how many numbers you can choose, and the payouts for different matches can greatly impact your strategy and enjoyment of the game.

Don’t chase 20 perfect people

A common pitfall for many Keno players is the attempt to catch all 20 hot numbers keno. The odds of hitting all 20 are astronomically high, making this a near-impossible feat.

Instead, focus on achieving more achievable goals like hitting 5 to 10 best keno numbers combinations, which significantly increases your chances of a favorable outcome and keeps the game enjoyable.

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Know the odds

Understanding the odds of Keno is vital for setting realistic expectations and developing a strategy.

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Each casino has its odds table, and it’s beneficial to familiarize yourself with it to understand how many keno most common numbers you need to hit to win and what the different payouts are. This knowledge can help you decide how many numbers to pick in each game.

Try different samples

Experimenting with different sets of numbers can be a fun way to play Keno. Some players like to stick with the same numbers every game (often picked based on personal significance), while others prefer to change numbers frequently.

Trying different methods can keep the game exciting and help you discover what works best for you. Consider:

  • Use your lucky numbers for Keno
  • Random selection
  • Using number generating apps

Play for prizes

In Keno, aiming for smaller, more frequent wins can be rewarding. A strategy that focuses on the best keno numbers—including hot numbers, the most common number combinations, and lucky numbers—may increase your chances of winning with fewer matches.

HunnyPlay offers attractive prizes, which adds to the excitement of selecting your hot numbers in Keno.

Final thoughts

As we’ve explored, discovering the best keno numbers might not be an exact science, but several strategies can increase your chances of winning. While you might be tempted to look for patterns or consistently chase those lucky numbers for keno, it’s crucial to approach the game with a mix of strategy and flexibility. Here are final nuggets of advice to keep in mind:

  • Understand the Odds: Each game or draw in Keno is independent, meaning that the past keno most common numbers drawn do not influence future outcomes. Grasping this fact will help you maintain reasonable expectations and a strategic approach to playing.
  • Diversify Your Strategies: Don’t stick to just one method when playing. Consider the hot numbers keno or best keno numbers combinations. Trying different approaches can make the game more entertaining and potentially more rewarding.

Keno is a game of luck, with no certain strategies for wins. Yet, with various tips and insights, you may find joy and occasional success. Choosing the best keno numbers randomly or by strategy, the key is to enjoy the game. Enhance your play with HunnyPlay and explore the thrill of the best Keno numbers now!.

Uncover the Secrets of the Best Keno Numbers - HunnyPlay Blog (2024)


What is the secret Keno pattern? ›

There are no secret keno patterns, and learning how to win at keno slot machines is impossible. That said, mathematicians have discovered that how many numbers you choose can make a difference. Look at this table, which shows the odds for each number of potential hits in a traditional keno game with up to 10 spots.

What is the trick to winning keno? ›

Keno Tips. Play between four and seven numbers to keep your chances of winning and the variance to a reasonable degree. Never play above 10 numbers if offered the chance. The chances of choosing and hitting 15 numbers is 1 in 428 billion while the chances of picking and hitting all 20 are 1 in 3.5 quintillion.

What are the 6 luckiest numbers in Keno? ›

For instance, the numbers 7, 17, and 22 have been known to hit the most often. Additionally, the numbers 3, 11, and 12 are part of the best 6 spot Keno numbers with a high probability of appearing.

What is the best number of spots to play in Keno? ›

The sweet spot in our winning keno strategy is 6 to 8 spots. Let's examine the odds of winning from these three spots: 6/6 Spots – 1 in 7,753. 7/7 Spots – 1 in 40,980.

How to outsmart keno? ›

Play fewer numbers each round.

If you play four numbers and win three, it is better than winning eight numbers out of ten. Some Keno games will require you to pick a certain amount of numbers, which is why it's important to know house rules. Overall, it is good to pick less numbers.

What is the best keno tactic? ›

Pick 5 or 6 numbers – One of the worst things that you can do is to pick out 10 numbers when you play Keno. This actually decreases your odds of winning. To maximize your chances of getting a large prize, and your ability to get a prize at all, you should play between 5 and 6 numbers overall.

How to predict Keno? ›

Despite efforts by players to predict Keno numbers, they remain inherently unpredictable. Contrary to myths that suggest certain numbers are “hot” or “cold,” indicating patterns in a series of draws, statistical analysis confirms that each drawing is independent of previous ones.

What are the most frequently drawn numbers in Keno? ›

So nothing scientific in terms of numbers coming up often as one site does have some percentages to consider:
  • 65 (25.52%)
  • 50 (25.50%)
  • 12 (25.48%)
  • 32 (25.46%)
  • 40 (25.45%)
  • 49 (25.45%)
  • 3 (25.44%)
  • 31 (25.39%)
Aug 23, 2023

What numbers win at Keno? ›

What Numbers Hit the Most in Keno?
Keno NumberPercentage Drawn
6 more rows
Jun 29, 2024

What are keno cold numbers? ›

Cold numbers are the least frequently drawn numbers in the last 100 games.

What gives you the best odds in keno? ›

Playing online gives you the best keno odds, as the house edge is usually smaller than in land-based keno. The house edge in physical venues is often around 30-35% of your bet, while with online keno, you can find variations with the house edge as low as 5%.

Is keno truly random? ›

Just about everybody in the gaming industry understands that slot machines, keno/lottery calls and table game progressives all use Random Number Generators (RNGs) to determine outcomes. Spies also use them to decode secret messages, and advanced mathematicians use them to solve problems too complex for calculus.

What is the math behind keno? ›

Keno, much like other lotteries, is a game of chance. It's important to understand that the only math you can use in keno is calculating the odds. No mathematical strategy or pattern is viable for winning at every draw. The keno ticket usually consists of 80 numbers arranged in a table.

How to predict keno? ›

Despite efforts by players to predict Keno numbers, they remain inherently unpredictable. Contrary to myths that suggest certain numbers are “hot” or “cold,” indicating patterns in a series of draws, statistical analysis confirms that each drawing is independent of previous ones.

What is the best probability in keno? ›

The Bets with the Best Keno Odds
Numbers selectedPercentage Chance to WinExpected RTP
6 more rows
Mar 19, 2024

Does it matter what numbers you pick in keno? ›

No, in Keno, each number has an equal chance of being drawn. There is no such thing as hot or cold numbers - the game uses a random number generator, making it impossible to predict which numbers will come up.

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