WoW: Divided Opinions - the Scale Commander Caller Hero Talent Tree (2024)

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The Reinforcement Caller functions completely differently than any other specialization in World of Warcraft. Therefore, the developers were faced with the challenge of how to design a hero talent tree that would do justice to both a “normal” damage specialization and the support class.

What exactly is a shed commander?

“Scale Commanders are the chosen generals of the Dracthyr, specializing in selecting targets and inspiring their fighting forces. They are true experts at applying their flight skills in combat and often lead the charge from the skies.”

Of course, there is not as much lore about the representatives of the Dracthyr as there is for some other races. Therefore, the information about the Scale Commander is rather sparse. But in a way, they are the generals of the Dracthyr – and their leaders. They make plans and lead their own troops into battle, which they keep an eye on from above.
The final talent, which deals with navigation options when flying, is a perfect fit. To what extent increased damage with disintegration and eruption fits the image of the commander is another question. But at least Scale Commander Sarkareth, the final boss in the Aberrus raid, also had his MASS DISINTEGRATION spell – so he also hit multiple targets with it.

WoW The War Within: Scale Commander Caller Hero Talents

Mass eruptions / mass disintegration: Empowered spells cause your next instance of Disintegration (Calm) and Eruption (Augmentation) to hit up to three targets. If fewer than three targets are hit, the damage of Disintegration or Eruption is increased by 25 percent per target missed.Power of the Black Dragonflight: Black spells deal 10 percent increased damage.Bombings: Mass Disintegration marks your primary target for destruction for the next ten seconds. You and your allies have a chance to trigger Bombardments when marked targets are attacked, dealing Volcanic damage split among all nearby enemies.Rush: Entering combat grants you a charge of Fiery Burst, making your next Living Flame instant cast.Armor Melting: Deep Breath (Calm) and Breath of Aeons (Enhancement) cause enemies to take 20 percent increased damage from Bombardment and Essence abilities for twelve seconds.Wing leader: Bombardment reduces the cooldown of Deep Breath (Calm) and Breath of Aeons (Enhancement) by one second for each target hit, up to a maximum of three seconds.Relentless siege: For each second you are in combat, Azure Strike and Living Flame deal one percent increased damage, up to a maximum of 50 percent.Hardened scales vs. Threatening presence: Hardened Scales: Obsidian scales reduce damage taken by an additional 5 percent. Looming Presence: Knocking back or knocking an enemy into the air reduces the damage done to you by 15 percent for eight seconds.Extended Combat vs. Redirected power: Extended Combat: Essence abilities extend Bombardments by one second. Redirected Power: Bombardments have a chance to generate Essence Explosion.Fast flyer vs. Rückenwind: Swift Flyer: While hovering, damage taken from area of ​​effect attacks is reduced by 10 percent. Tailwind: Deep Breath (Calm) and Breath of Aeons (Augmentation) reset the cooldown of Hover.maneuverability: Deep Breath (Calm) and Breath of Aeons (Enhancement) can now be directed in the desired direction. In addition, Deep Breath (Calm) and Breath of Aeons (Enhancement) burn targets with Volcanic damage over 12 seconds.

WoW: Divided Opinions - the Scale Commander Caller Hero Talent Tree (1)

Source: buffed The Scale Commander hero talent tree of the Caller in WoW The War Within. The basic principle of the hero talent tree applies to both playstyles that one of the main skills can now hit up to three targets. With the Disintegration of the Caller of Calamity, this is relatively easy to understand. The thick beam of damage normally hits one target – and now three. But the eruption hits all targets in the area around the target anyway. If you have selected the Scale Commander talent tree, then up to three targets will be targeted by the eruption. These up to three “explosions” then also hit the other targets. So if you are dealing with three targets, at the end of the day you will cause three times as much damage with each use as before.

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The connection found

While other hero talent trees suffer from having to make compromises in many places in order to work for two playstyles, this is only partially the case with the Callers. The developers have done a really good job of setting up the individual talents in such a way that there is little confusion about how they work. Of course, different attacks are often strengthened. But these are always attacks that are relatively similar in their purpose. This makes the Scale Commander tree easy to understand. And if you understand it (and like it) in one playstyle, you will understand it (and like it) in the other spec too.

Good playful influence

While many other hero talent trees have little influence on the actual gameplay, this is different with the Scale Commanders. Here it makes a noticeable difference whether you have the tree active or not. However, this is not expressed in the same way as with other, complicated hero talent trees that give you additional skills or replace existing skills.

As a caller, you can now hit three targets with an extremely important single-target attack! This means that when fighting multiple targets, you not only cause more damage, but you also have to adapt. Where as a caller of havoc you previously used pyre rather than disintegration for three targets, you now continue to use the blue beam. It remains to be seen how many targets you will eventually switch at.

Also has disadvantages

The biggest disadvantage is your limitations. The other hero talent trees have a completely different focus and tend to increase your damage to individual targets. This means that, mathematically speaking, you’ll always do better as a scale commander against many targets. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see how things balance out. But you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that there’s currently an imbalance in the talent trees that can’t be fixed by just fiddling with numbers.

That in itself is not a good design, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a disadvantage for you personally. From our own experience, we know that there are many players who are very happy when the theory tells them very clearly which decision is the best in which situation. That is the case here so far. If everything stays as it is until The War Within, then you will choose the Scale Commander against multiple targets and (probably) the alternative against single targets – at least if pure performance is important to you.

Conclusion on the Shed Commander Caller

You can see that different developers were responsible for the different hero talent trees. For other classes, great care was taken to ensure that the player could use both variants in every situation. With the Caller, the devs said to themselves in an exaggerated sense: “F**k it”, this tree is for area damage. You may like that, but you don’t have to. Our opinions are also rather divided on this.

The rest of the tree is also well done. The talents build on each other logically and increase the actual bonus. We were particularly impressed by the final talent. We can finally use our dragon breath to move across the battlefield and not just straight ahead. In most cases this is irrelevant, but it is a lot of fun.

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WoW: Divided Opinions - the Scale Commander Caller Hero Talent Tree (2024)
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